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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Most corrupt political party in the world - Another Goolge Bombing Example

One of my friend at facebook shared a post over facebook asking people to Search for "most corrupt political party in the world". In the post he have also attached the screenshot of Google search results that highlights the Wikipedia page of Indian National Congress. Indian National Congress is one the main national parties in India along with BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party).  Now that guy is a supported of Narendar Modi, PM candidate from BJP for 2014 elections to be help in India.

Now reason I believe this phrase "Most corrupt political party in the world" can be another classic example of Google Bombing after "miserable failure" is because the guy who share the link over facebook is a SEO guy himself and chances are there that he might be trying to the get the INC wikipedia page to the number one spot when searched for "Most corrupt political party in the world".

Wikipedia pages are the best pages to get ranked in search results, tou can easily tweak the content and some off-page SEO can easily do the trick here.

If you take a look at the results, the other results are about corrupt countries and what people think about political parties. No other page for any other political party of India or any other country. Perhaps there is something fishy here.

More about google bombing:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Search Engine Marketing Quote of the day

Hi All,

Jusrt few minutes back I was reading a very nice article at the URL This article came in the Moz top 10 newsletter which I've subscribed from a long time and I find their article very interesting and helpful.

In the article author has written very interestig quote about SEO and dating. The full quote is as follows:

Link building is a lot like dating. If you make links/sex the primary focus, it doesn’t work. Those have to be side effects of a great experience and a great match.

I've posted some similar quotes about SEO in the past and you can read all all those SEO quotes here.

I hope you like the quotes, please feel free to share these quotes, post your feedback. In case you've some interesting quotes about SEO to share please mention those and I'd feel happy to publish those with due credit to the author.

For those who love reading quotes on various topics I'd like to suggest to please visit my blog on luv quotes.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Online Reputation Management & SEO - Are they same?

This question was asked recently by one of ex-colleague. He told me that his company got their first ORM (Online reputation management) project and while the discussion was going on he made the statement that there is no difference and he can handle this project smoothly like the other SEO projects.  I just replied that I'll love to hear his statement once this new project is over and wished him good luck. After few days that friend called me and asked about tips on how to fix the negative results and he said he was wrong, it’s not like regular SEO.

So what is the difference between SEO and ORM?

Before I tell you the difference let me tell you that both SEO and ORM complement each other. A good SEO professional will definitely achieve success with ORM as well but for that he will need to be proactive in his approach and just think ahead of on-page and off-page SEO.

How ORM is different can be analyzed from the fact that in SEO you work on achieving page 2 rankings for a set of keywords. All you need to do is get all or few of those in page one and your client is happy. If the increase in rankings brings a significant increase in traffic and leads then chances are there that you'll get some good incentives/bonus from the clients as well. However ORM is a totally different ball game. In ORM you need to work on page basis you are committed to remove negative/unwanted results from a set number of search pages of Google or other search engines. Your client can be happy to see movement of negative results but the biggest challenge lies in getting the negative results out of the first page of search results. 

Definitely the strategies for ORM and SEO needs to be different like SEO is all about focusing on a single site, making it search engine compliance. Once you make that site search engine compliance you focus gets shifted to getting links to that site. However when it comes to online reputation management your focus is on creating new identities and promote lots of positive sites for the same keyword or a couple of keywords that are related (brand name or people name).

This is all about search engine optimization and online reputation management services relation to each other. I'll share some tips about ORM soon in my later posts. Keep visiting and share this post over social networks etc if you like it.

Good Day!

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