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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to become a great SEO professional

SEO industry is not whats it was a couple of years back, with time SPAM has increased, freelancers and some SEO companies who put quality on a side for making tons of money from the clients. So its hard to make a reputation in the market as a real search engine optimization expert be it as an individual or a company. Below are fe points that can help you to become a great SEO professional:

1. Make out clear and goal oriented SEO strategy
2. Argue on facts and never mislead your cleints
3. Share your SEO experience with others in the industry
4. Do your homework and find out your areas on weakness
5. Try to learn from your SEO failures
6. Allocation should be done according to resources available
7. Be sxpert in keyword research
8. Learn the art of sustaiing the rankings
9. Value goals equally as of searhc engine rankings.

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