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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Google Account Logout Malware warning

I think there is something wrong with my anti virus or my computer. From last few days I am getting malware warnings every time I try to logout from my Google account be it gmail, google analytics, gplus or any other Google service I am using.

Is there anyone else out there who face the similar issues with Google account log out URL.

You can also take a look at the screenshot below.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Video promotion Tips - youtube video marketing

Almost every business have their video channel at youtube nowadays and I am sure your business also got one. However few questions to ask here are:

  • Are you generating referral traffic, sales from youtube videos?
  • Are people watching the videos?
  • Is there increase in video views, likes or comments?
  • How many times video is embedded by others?
  • Is there increase in channel view, subscribers?
If you are unsure about answers of the above questions, then you must read the next post that I'll make most probably in next few days. That post will cover all the aspects of video marketing and how it can help a business grow.

Do visit the blog for video marketing tips.

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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Video is the new king in SEO

Content has always been an important thing in SEO. Content is said to be king from a long time. But one thing I've observed in recent past that Video is slowly and slowly replacing content as the king. Now content that has images and videos embedded in the the pages is getting more value than only simple content no matter it is quality content, longer and free from any grammar or spelling mistakes. Of course I need not to mention that content is plagiarism passed. In some cases a video page with well written titles etc is enough to get the pages ranked higher. Also video pages gets ranked quickly as compared to other pages. Create a youtube channel and you can get thousand of referral hits to your site from youtube.

But there are some tips and tricks that can help in getting more benefits from video marketing as compared to your competitors. I'll post a article on tips and tricks of youtube or video marketing later. In case you have any query, comment or feedback feel free to share it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Google Sitelinks Dilemma – Unexpected Alien Link in Google Site links

I am getting strange and alien link being displayed as sitelinks in Google search results. In these cases mostly webmaster would suggest that in Google webmaster central submit a remove from site links request and link will be removed from site links for at least 45 days before it may appear again at sole discretion of Google.

However my problem is even bigger than this and here is the full story. I recently searched my love quotes blog URL i.e. so as to see if any site-links are being displayed by Google.
Like any other I was happy to see Google displaying the links when I search for the blog URL however I was shocked to see UTL of another Blog which is not owned by me.

Please check the attached screen shot and share any thoughts you have on this.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Duplicate Content Checker Tools - Free Online Plagiarism Checker

In the past couple of algorithm updates Google and other search engines are giving more and more emphasize on the quality of web-page content. If you’d heard about recent panda update, then content quality was one of the main focus areas of the update. Lower value content sites, content farms, sites with duplicate content has been axed by Google and on the other hand sites with good user values content were the one who got the benefit of being in the top 10 Google rankings.

One main thing here for any webmaster becomes to check quality of the content and also make sure that the content you are going to publish on your website or anywhere else online must not be duplicate i.e. published anywhere else already. Now how can one make sure the content is not published on in other word how to find Plagiarism in the content? One way is to search few lines of the content randomly by using exact search tool (searching the content using “”).

However searching manually is only feasible for checking plagiarism for one or two pieces of content. It becomes time consuming and may not be effective sometimes if not used properly. The best and the proven way to check duplicate content is to use online plagiarism checker. Many online plagiarism Checker tools are available for free. Below is the list of plagiarism checking tools that you can use for better content publishing:

I hope you liked this post and the tools, please feel free to share this.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Search engine optimization tips for beginners

Getting a website in top is a thing that every webmaster would love to achieve. Achieving top rankings for your favorable keywords is not a very difficult task but its hard to decide from where to start with and it may land you it totally different part of the globe if you doesn’t follow the webmaster guidelines set by major search engines for webmasters and search engines optimization experts or companies. In this article I am posting few search engine optimization tips for beginners but these tips are equally beneficial for any SEO professional.

1. Don’t purchase new domains: If you are trying to get your website ranked in engines and so far you don’t have any substantial success, then don’t try to go and try your luck in new domain. Reason here is that search engine give value to the age of the domain and hence it’s recommended to try figuring out things that may be hurting your website’s reputation over search engines. However there may be circumstances when you may need to start new domain under such situation using permanent redirect to your new domain is recommended to minimize the loss of traffic from search engines.

2. Do extensive keyword research: Spend good amount of time in keyword research and go in as much detail as you can while researching keywords. Don’t select keywords that can bring traffic but brainstorm keywords that can bring you sales. Over years of experience in search engine marketing I have seen that lots of keywords bring you traffic but there are couple of keywords that can bring business, revenue for you. Thus analyze your website traffic to shortlist the keywords that bring you business. Ranking at the top of search engines for these keywords make the actual difference.

3. Use different title and meta tags: Each page of your website needs to have unique title and meta description tags. Your title tag should contain important keywords included in the content of your web pages. One more important point to be taken care is that it’s the title tag of a webpage that will prompt any visitors to click your website at search engine result pages.

4. Don’t over optimize: Never optimize your website rather optimize for your targeted audience. This is one of the common instructions by all major search engines for webmasters.

5. Write Search engine friendly code: Make you website code search engine friendly by preventing excessive use of images, flash, java script menus or links. Use alt and title attributes and images and links. Validate your website HTML, XML and CSS.

6. Use webmaster tools: Evaluate your SEO campaign by using tools like google analytics, webmaster central, yahoo site explorer etc. These tools are very much helpful for webmasters in their SEO campaigns.

7. Get quality links: All of us know off-page optimization is very crucial part of any SEO campaign however only quality links count and contribute to your website’s PR and search engine rankings. Any off-page activity, be it link building, social media marketing, directory submission etc. take care of quality always.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Linked In Marketing Tips & Promotion services

In one of the older post we discussed about How to promote your business and website using LinkedIn. In the post I will share some Linkedin marketing tips to help in online promotion and brand building. Linkedin is no doubt the most popular and faster growing network of professionals; you can currently find a huge percent of business professionals at Linkedin. The best part is that these users are all the countries in the world and not just one or few geographic locations. The basic step of linkedin marketing begins with creating a profile, community and adding contacts. After that you need to establish your business as a brand and more importantly get some leads. Below are some tips on Linkedin Marketing:
  • Get recommendation – Ask them people in you contacts to recommend you. Getting the write message is important part of the recommendations, so take care of it.
  • Export your connection – Linkedin provides a functionality to export your contacts to your address book, use this more often say after every 3 or 6 months. Make it a habit; this will be helpful when you are sending some promotional email or seasonal greetings with some business information.
  • Use answers and questions – Use this feature creatively and you can establish yourself as a king in your niche.
  • Connect with as much people you can to increase your reach. Add new contact on weekly basis.
  • Update daily – Make sure to login and update profile like adding message, integrate with other social networks like twitter, facebook, buzz etc.
  • Participate in groups – This is the great way to get business. Target the groups related to your business, services or products.
  • Get specialist services: In case you are busy with business meeting etc hiring the services of a professional linkedin marketing professional is advised. In fact its better you get some SMO services. Most SMO optimization packages include Linkedin promotion as well.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Informenter - A Must have adon for SEO professionals

Though I don't prefer using many tools and I seldom use any tools or adons (I am a 100% believer in mannual SEO work). However informenter is an adon I'd strongly recommend to every SEO professional. As a SEO you may need to sign up at verious sites be is an Article directory, blog, PR or forum site. After registeration you may require submit various forms say for example article or directory submission.

Making these process fully automatic will cause quality issues like changing or anchors, using different combinations of fields etc. All such things can be done by using of semi automatic tool called informenter. Informenter comes as an adon for firefox and is minimises the typing work upto 90%. you will definitely love this adon. Go explore it more to know more features.

Friday, January 28, 2011

SEO tip of the day for Adsense publishers

Many adsense publishers make a mistake of posting copied artciles at their website and blogs. Some may also go to the extent of using software to automatically post copied content. Doing this you will not get the CTR value as good as compared to CTR of ads with unique content. Also you must know that copied contnet even don't help in organic SEO rankings as well. Thus is will be wastateg of you time and efforts.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Can social bookmarking and SEO complement each other?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns and social bookmarking may not initially seem like strategies which can work together, but one expert suggests that combining the two can hold a range of benefits.

Writing a guest post for Search Engine Land, BlueGlass's Jordan Kasteler comments that "combining real-time social sharing with search engine optimisation tactics can give websites the indexing or popularity boost that it needs".

SEO strategies, he notes, should be kept simple. He recommends sticking to best practice guidelines for writing, as well as using locally-relevant keywords to boost search engine rankings.

Highlighting that organic rankings will last longer than popular stories on Digg, he suggests that by creating content that ticks both boxes, businesses can enjoy the best of both worlds.

And succeeding to get content on social networking platforms could also help to boost the site's exposure, thereby potentially increasing future rankings.

Meanwhile, quality content is an essential building block of successful SEO, according to a recent Search Engine Watch post from KoMarketing Associates's Derek Edmond.

Source: DirectNews

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Easy SEO Job Interview - Crack SEO interview

Carreer counsellors say the bring you relevant experience to guarantee your success in a job interview. In case you don't have any job experience then you must have a Masters degree for grabbing the job.

But how to gurrantee success in a job interview in case you don't have any experience and a masters degree. here is the answer:

Jokes apart here are some other option also fro cracking any SEO job interview:

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