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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Search Engine Optimisation mistaeks to avoid

Hi ever you thought about small search engine optimisation mistakes that you never cared about. Maye be these mistakes are keeping you below the ranks in search engines. Found a nice article about common search engine optimisation mistakes that can be avoided. Article focuses on common mistakes like:

Using wrong keywords
Keyword stacking
Using hidden text
Using Frameset
Using free hosting
Using tiny text

This may seems that all SEO experts are aware of these factors still sometimes we ignore and make these mistakes. SO take care of all these factors an be ahead of your competitors.

You can read complete articel @ WDC Blog

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Making SEO friendly website

A quality design is the base of search engine optimization and it plays a vital role in SEO work for any site. So when it comes to doing business online, it’s all about the traffic (no. of users who visit your website).It will always be the lifeblood of any business venture working online, as there is no use of website when there’s no one there to see its pages. It doesn’t matter how successful your products be but if no one would be able to know about them or avail of your services then what’s a purpose of having such invisible dull presence. That’s why the strategies of traffic generation start at the very moment you are materializing the idea for the website itself.

So if you’re starting a company these days or want to expand your social atmosphere, I’m sure you’ve also thought about the composition of your website and having the SEO friendly standard. The best websites clearly and pleasantly convey your/your company’s message. This is true especially for web based startups as your website is your public face, your storefront and probably one of the most frequent contacts with customers.

It really doesn’t matter whether your website is of personal nature with few pages or an e-commerce website, having a well-designed site is very important. A good web design is not just about getting your website live and running. It’s about designing every aspect and structure of your website from the general look, accessibility and search engines stand point. May be you can’t believe but website design is something which really matters to your visitors. It gonna make all the difference in whether they leave your site or bookmark it.

Moreover a well-formed HTML website keeps the search engine spiders happy. According to the figures major search engines leads somewhat 76 % of the website visitors to a site, which means if these search engines cannot found your site, there will be a huge loss financially. That’s the reason many businesses pay thousands of dollars to SEO companies to be one of the highest ranked sites in search results. Therefore, it’s necessary to find out whether your website is search engine-friendly. The search engine spiders repay you by indexing your website, which will eventually lead your visitors to its goal, a conversion or a sale. A complete web design jumpstart your business right away.

Basically in a well furnished site important content is at the top of the page, where people can see the material without scrolling. Visitors should be able to get a clear picture of your site’s purpose. See as in newspapers headlines and biggest stories are put “above the fold” – meaning the top half of the page that you would see before opening the paper , same principle applies to web design.

All text links and graphic elements such as buttons and tabs should be easy to read and use .You doesn’t want your visitors leaving because they were not able to figure out how to get your Flash menu to work. A better presentation never switches from one style to another too often, as it may causes confusion to the visitors.

To build an effective web site, ensure that the information on your website is quick and easy to find .You always have to keep one thing in mind that many consumers still use dial up internet speed, and if a web site is not quick to load, then it is highly likely that the average consumer will not have the patience to view the content of your site.

A great designed site should have a fresh standard look that will suit the type of work/business it is intended for, but it shouldn’t detract from your ability to communicate effectively to your friend/customer.

Overall always keep the user in mind when designing every aspect of your startup’s web site. Everything you do should be designed with the user’s experience in mind. Internet in present time is a fast paced place with tons of new startups, and if you want your site to be relevant then you must have to act in the right direction. Getting a positive attention of visitors with a well designed and usable web site is the first step toward success.

The Author is the owner of a Web Design Company, and providing Web Site Design and Development Solutions to clients across USA and UK for affordable and sensible prices.

YOu can read more web design and SEO articles by author at WDC blog

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Top keywords: SEOv Blog : some analytic reports

Hello was just checking my google analytics for my SEOv blog. Thought to share some stats with you all. As I already stated in my SEO quotes

Stats are like BIKNIS they reveal a lot but hide the actual thing ;) .

Thus you need to be a real analytic expert to make most of your web stats a,d traffice reports.

Top 10 trafice resources:
1. / referral
2. google / organic
3. (direct) / (none)
4. / referral
5. / referral
6. / referral
7. / referral
8. / (not set)
9. / referral
10. / referral

And top 10 keywords:

1. search engin optimisation
2. info: search engine optimization blogspot
3. add link seo company
4. average salary for search engine optimisation (seo) skills in india
5. google searcñ
6. how effective is it to get pdfs indexed in search engines
8. pay to get ranked
9. search engine for quotes
10. search engine optimisation links to documents

Technorati blog confirutaiong :Activate the claim using Post Claim

Ever tried to post your blog at technorati. It can be done in 4 simple steps:

1 Enter blog url: At the bottom of technorati these a link claim your blog, mention your blog url in the post there.

2 Choose claim method: Two methods are available
(a) Activate the claim using Post Claim : Activate the claim using Post Claim
Posting Instructions

1. In another web browser window, log into your Blog Platform account
2. Create a new post in your blogging software
3. Select the "edit HTML" button to switch to HTML mode, if applicable
4. Copy the code below, then paste it into the body of your new post with any title
Technorati Profile
5. Publish the post on your blog
6. Check to make sure your new post is live, then you're ready to proceed.

(b) Configure your publishing tool :

3 Activate the claim : Chosse your blog type from the list here and then follow the instructions: #

og in to your WordPress weblog.

Select "Options" from the top menu.
WordPress options menu

Select "Writing" from the sub-menu.
WordPress writing option

The last option on the page is "Update Services." Add Technorati's ping server as a new line within the Update Services text box.

If Ping-o-Matic ( appears in the text box you are configured to ping Technorati as well as many other ping locations via a relay service. We recommend pinging Technorati directly with every new post and update.

4 Customize blog info : Add blogs description. tags etc.... YOu may add it to favorites and more...

Why I am posting this hahaha coz today em also customizing my blog info at technorati:

Technorati Profile

Add to Technorati Favorites

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