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Friday, February 01, 2008

SEO at its best : Search engine optimisation industry at is peak

Hi all,

Its SEO SEO SEO every where. Lot is being talked about search engine optimisation nowadays. Each and every person in online business who is either selling services, products, online marketing agency or anyone looking for online existence needs search engine optimisation company services from SEO experts to make his/her website a success. existence of SEO industry may be few years old but search engine optimisation has lots of scope industry have grown at a very fast rate in recent years. Also according to market and business research experts search engine optimisation industry would expect a growth of 200% this year. I myself have seen SEO industry growin at a rapid pace.

When I started my career in SEO 4 years later there were to or three SEO companies in Chandigarh a major IT hub in north India and wtthin 4 years there are around 80+ companies and each week I got to know couple of new software/IT/web development companies looking to hire SEO professionals to start SEO in there company also.

SEO is at boom and I expect industry to grow more and more.

I also suggest people to pursue career in search engine optimisation, its very interesting job profile and really very very good carrer growth potential.

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