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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Top SEO tools


  1. SEOmoz Page Strength Tool - A useful tool that gives an overall look at the strength of a page.

  2. Sitening’s SEO Analyzer - See if your pages are structured to achieve high search engine rankings.

  3. Self SEO’s Page Speed Checker - Test the load time of your pages and your competitor’s pages.

  4. - Check the use of keywords and phrases on your site.

  5. Popuri - See several items such as PageRank and inbound links all at once.

  6. Keyword Density Analysis - See how frequently you are using certain words and phrases.

  7. Meta Tag Analyzer - How are search engine spiders seeing your meta tags?

  8. Code to Text Ratio - Check for code bloat.

  9. Strongest Subpages Tool - Finds the 30 strongest subpages on your domain.

  10. Similar Page Checker - Avoid duplicate content.

  11. SEO Analysis Tool - Measures the ranking potential of a page.

  12. WebSitePulse - A few different tools to test your sites performance.

  13. Website Grader - Get a score for your site and even compare it to competitors if you want.

  14. Watchfire WebXACT - Test for quality, accessibility, and privacy issues.


  1. Google Analytics - The leading free stats program.

  2. AWStats

  3. StatCounter

  4. AddFreeStats

  5. OneStat

  6. Smart Tracking

  7. Alexa - See where your site ranks.


  1. FeedBurner - Stats on your feed and your subscribers.

  2. pMetrics - from Performancing.

  3. pMetrics Plugin- Extending pMetrics.

  4. IceRocket - Free stats program for blogs.

  5. Technorati - See who’s linking to you.


  1. Crazy Egg - Provides visual data about your visitors.

  2. Mint - An extensible, self-hosted web site analytics program.


  1. Google Webmaster Tools - Lots of information that shows you how Google sees your site.

  2. Web CEO - A collection of a number of useful tools. Free and paid editions.


  1. Sitening’s SERP Tracker - Test your page’s optimization.

  2. Search Engine Rankings Checker - From Mike’s Marketing Tools.

  3. Google Banned Checker - Has the largest search engine in the world banned your website? Find out here.

  4. Number of Pages Indexed - How many pages do you have indexed by search engines?

  5. Website SEO Checkup - Make sure you’re ready to get high search engine rankings.

  6. GeoTargeting Detection Tool from SEOmoz - Determine how well your site is targeted to country specific search engines.


  1. PageRank Prediction - You need a minimum of 100 backlinks.

  2. Smart PageRank - Check your PR.


  1. Google Alerts - Have preset alerts sent to you by email.

  2. co.mments - Monitor comments on blogs.

  3. Conversation Tracker from BlogPulse

  4. Trend Search from BlogPulse

  5. Keotag - See if blogs are using your company name in the tags of their blog posts.

  6. BoardTracker - Watch for mentions of your company in forums.


  1. Dead Links tool from W3C - Find broken links.

  2. Link Popularity Checker - From Mike’s Marketing Tools.

  3. Xenu’s Link Sleuth - Find broken links.

  4. Backlinks and Anchor Text - See who’s linking to you and what anchor text they are using.

  5. Reciprocal Links Checker - Do you have agreements with others for reciprocal links? Check them here.


  1. Summit Media’s Spider Simulator

  2. Spider View

  3. Spider Simulator


  1. Clean CSS - Formatting and Optimizing

  2. CSS Tidy - Optimizer and parser.

  3. CSS Redunancy Checker - Redundancy is easy to do with CSS. Fix it with this.

  4. CSS Analyzer - A validator plus.


  1. HTML - Validator from W3C.

  2. CSS - Validator from W3C.

  3. RSS - Validator from W3C.


  1. AlertSite Website Performance Monitor

  2. KeyNote

  3. WebWatch Bot

  4. IPCheckPoint


  1. Free Charts and Graphs

  2. AdSense Notifier - Shows your AdSense stats in the status bar.


  1. BrowserShots - See screenshots of your page in a number of different browsers.

  2. - Test your site for use with mobile browsers.


  1. Geotargeting - find the location of your host’s servers

  2. Find Your Site’s IP Address

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