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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Top Searcn Engine Optimisation Tools for your SEO success

Top Searcn Engine Optimisation Tools for your SEO success: Lot is talked about using tools for search engine optimisation and doing it manually. Some webmasters hate using tools whereas some don't. Here I present you top ten search engine optimisation tools that you can use for you sites success. These tolls are reaaly very effective for gaingin good ranking in search engines.

1 – Google Analytics
: Its one of the most popular web-stats and traffic analysis tool available for free. Provides you infomration like no of visiors, page views, referals, referrin keywords and search engines, refering sites and lot more.

2 - SEOmoz's Page Strength Tool: One of the leadin search engine optimisation firm providing you lots of SEO tools.Their Page Strength Tool shows you the "relative importance and visibility" and the "potential strength and ability of a page to rank in the search engines."

3 -'s SEO Analyzer:'s SEO Analyzer will help you to build the right framework.'s SEO Analyzer can be found at:

4 - Summit Media's Spider Simulator: This tool tell spider reaction to your website and lets you analyze how a search engine reacts to your pages and what can be done to boost your usability.

5 - Xenu link sleuth : Cheks for broken links in your site. You can also chekc broken links offline by providin gthe folder you have stored your websites, thus you can check site for broken links before uploaoding the website.

6 - Chekc your sites ranking for particualr keyword in all majo search engines.


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Deepak Rajput said...

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