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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Duplicate Content Checker Tools - Free Online Plagiarism Checker

In the past couple of algorithm updates Google and other search engines are giving more and more emphasize on the quality of web-page content. If you’d heard about recent panda update, then content quality was one of the main focus areas of the update. Lower value content sites, content farms, sites with duplicate content has been axed by Google and on the other hand sites with good user values content were the one who got the benefit of being in the top 10 Google rankings.

One main thing here for any webmaster becomes to check quality of the content and also make sure that the content you are going to publish on your website or anywhere else online must not be duplicate i.e. published anywhere else already. Now how can one make sure the content is not published on in other word how to find Plagiarism in the content? One way is to search few lines of the content randomly by using exact search tool (searching the content using “”).

However searching manually is only feasible for checking plagiarism for one or two pieces of content. It becomes time consuming and may not be effective sometimes if not used properly. The best and the proven way to check duplicate content is to use online plagiarism checker. Many online plagiarism Checker tools are available for free. Below is the list of plagiarism checking tools that you can use for better content publishing:

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