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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Search Engine Marketing Quote of the day

Hi All,

Jusrt few minutes back I was reading a very nice article at the URL This article came in the Moz top 10 newsletter which I've subscribed from a long time and I find their article very interesting and helpful.

In the article author has written very interestig quote about SEO and dating. The full quote is as follows:

Link building is a lot like dating. If you make links/sex the primary focus, it doesn’t work. Those have to be side effects of a great experience and a great match.

I've posted some similar quotes about SEO in the past and you can read all all those SEO quotes here.

I hope you like the quotes, please feel free to share these quotes, post your feedback. In case you've some interesting quotes about SEO to share please mention those and I'd feel happy to publish those with due credit to the author.

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