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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Perry Belcher we need SEO in 2013 post

Before I tell you who is Perry Belcher and why I need SEO in 2013 post from you, I'd request you to take a look at his post about SEO in 2012. Here is the link for the post I have been following Perry Belcher from  along time and it was waley interesting to read his interview, articles and watch video of him. He is among the top internet marketere who have earned billions of dollars online by selling stuff, books, course and giving trainign etc.  His approach is very simple and proven.

His simple approach and giving examples from real life rather than some webiste etc makes it interesting to learn and easy to implement later. By the time he wrote about SEO in 2012 SEO wasn't that comples. Penguin and Panda updates have made things very much comples now a days and thats the reason I am asking Perry to make a post abour SEO in 2013 so that it can be bit easier  for the SEO professional.

Learn more about Perry Belcher at:

Thanks! Also I'd like to update you that we are soon goinf to launch new and excting portals in 2013. Will keep you updated about the progress.


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