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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alexa widget not supported

Perhaps there is some error in the Alexa script or Blogger is not supporting it. Anywys you may have a look at screen shot of alexa trends for my blog.

Friday, May 22, 2009

SEOv Blog @ Alexa

I was just checkign backlinks of this blog and I found that a page from is shown in the backlinks. Now this made me really happy as i never bothered to check my blog Alexa rank as I think its very difficult to get a blog in fact free blog ranked in Alexa.

Exact alexa link appearing in backlinks. I am also planning to check the Alexa trends for my other blogs and of course please check the Alexa widget for live alexa trends of SEOV blog.

Image Search - Dilemma of optimizing images

Lots of SEO companies include image promotion in there SEO proposals and services list, but it seems that not each company actually cares about image search and also clients hardly ask or check if there site appears for any image search result pages. I strongly believe that you can get a good bunch of traffic from image search results. Reasons are lot and only one thing to support is that it won't harm you unless you want to protect your images and that an be easily done through robots file exclusion.

As I was thinking about image promotion I just searched in google images about google (See results). To my surprise there was no in the results. In fact you would be more surprised to know that google didn't appeared in first 10 pages for its own search on its own search engine.

Same was the case when search term Yahoo and MSN was used over google image search.

TO go further in this research I now tried to Yahoo image search. Yahoo also disappointed as same results n google, yahoo or MSN site was found in the image results for their own search terms.

Then I thought to skip search on MSN but a short coffee break gave me the energy to check msn image search also and finish this post at SEOV blog. Results were MSN were also the same. Luckily I get google images as referral. It don't show the keywords but I am happy my blogs and sites are appearing somewhere in image search results.

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