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Thursday, June 08, 2006

SEO Reports : HOw they help in Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Reports : How they help in Search Engine Optimisation

Wondering how come the post on SEO reports, well the reason is my friend told me that my blog is coming at YAHOO SERPs for the keywords SEO reports (Pretty above his website :0) )and I think publishing a post on SEO reports will give a boost to rankings.

Big no to this. Actual reason is that as usual on the end of each month I'd to prepare a lot of report for the websites I am working on (Like traffic reports, ranking reports, adsense revenue, PPC caimpaign reports). Hereafter will refer all these report as SEO reports. Now after I'd prepared all that reports, studied them. Affiliates sites reports are kept with me and clients sites reports are forwarded to them. While I was studying my SEO reports I found these reports are really must for each webmaster to know vistors to his site, behaviour of the visitors, where the most users are comming from and a lot more.

One important benefit of SEO reports is if studied well these can be used in increasing ROI and conversion rate. SO if you are a webmaster I'd suggest do ask your SEO consultant for weekly or monthly reports. It helps a you a lot to know work progress, traffic, and more...

At last one famous quote I like:

"Stats are like biknis they reveal a lot but hide the actual thing."

Thus study your reports more deeply.

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