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Monday, September 25, 2006

Google top 10

TOday I am on top of the world my site is appearing in top 10 results of google. I'd been observing the rankings and traffic for last two weeks, now I am confident about tha ranking site is ranking lats af first page ie 10 rank.. Now client is aking for boosting this rankings. All of Search engine optimisation people, SEO Company and other SEO services provider I know so far will tell its easy to guarrentee top 1- to top 30 rankings in two of three search engines by doing basic SEO tricks but when it comes to boost ranking from 10 to 9, 9 to 5 and 5 to 1 its a very tough and challenging task..
THe main challenge is now to maintain and boost the ranking for that I'd to do somoething to defeat other 9 competitors. Lets hope for the best...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Google and search Engine Optimisation

HI... All of us know google is the synonym for search. And anyone in search engine optimisation field will be satisfied only if his site is ranking well in google only ranking in other search engines matter but they are satisfactory only not the one a SEO Expert cab boost upon.

Why ranking in google are important:
all of us know nearly 90 % of the traffic comes from search engine, out of that 60 to 70% comes frm google only, rest include yahoo, msn and other small search engines, best thing is that a lot of search engine provide results powered by google so if you get on google rankings your traffic will increase autimatically.

Below is the list of major search engines that provide search results powered by google:

Alexa search

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Google Click-to-Call

DO this google search, if you are in SEO field and moreover you spend some bucks in PPC advertisement, you must be surprised to see a green colored phone icon in the sponsored results displayed by Google.

What is this phone icon, its what googles gonna implement soon tha Google Click-to-Call, that will allow users to speak directly to advertiser in google by clicking on that phoe icon.

Sponsored advertisements in search engines are goin to be more revolutionised. What abt MSN and YAHOO hope two competitors are not asleep.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Google Pluto Update

hmmmm, now a days google is updating things faster and so I am posting faster in the SEOv blog. Now google blogs have some name associated with it as florida update, jagger update, Big daddy Update, and the recent Pluto Update. You know why its named pluto update, coz we lost pluto in the same time from planet list.

There nothing serious to note in this pluto update, as google only updated its backlinks index, but I think its a signal to a big change in the algo of Big G.

One more significant change I observed is in the information returned when you type your url like in the google search bar. No google cache link is displayed, no link to site or related links or actual links viewing url is displayed...
Pic below will give you more info:

Search Engine Optimisation and google pluto update

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