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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Link Baiting & Search Engine Optimisation

A lot is heard and talked about link baiting in SEO industry. Basically link baiting is linked as a black hat SEO technique but actually link baiting is the term that you can collectively use to describe all procedures/practices you use to get link to your website so as to increast its link poularity. Hence link exchange caimpaigns (reciprocal or non reciprocal), dir submission, articles and press release submission all are link bait techniques.

Recent read an article "20 Linkbaiting Techniques" mentioning 20 techniques to get link yo your website. Visit for more detailed info on all baiting techniques, here in SEOv blog I am only mentioning 20 link baiting techniques :)

1. Tools: Create a tooll like one I used on my blog how much worth ur blog is, such a tool other pwople can use on there website providing a link to your site.
2. Quizzes: Same technique as above, instead og toll use quizzes.
3. Contests: Read the article :( :(
4. Be First: With idea others will follow u'll get the credit.
5. Scoops: related to being first is breaking a story in your niche. Break a big enough story and the amount of others that link to you giving you credit for being the source of their own news posts can be quite massive.
6. Exposé: Similiar to the above, u can make a buzz and get thousands of links to you by breaking any scam etc... Remember TEHALKA
7. Awards: ................
8. Lists: Juss do some social bookmarking for your website.
9. Humor: Humour spreads a lot, afunny clip, pic etc can click for you.
10. Make someone famous: Again vicit linkmentioned.
11. Create belonging/community: mmmmmmmm not a gud idea.
12. Design: Leave it
13. Rants: !@#$%^&*()(&%$#@
14. Controversy: May be risky for your business
15. Attack:
16. Shock
17. Research and Statistics
18. Give something away
19. Usefulness
20. Cool Factor

Meanwhile I wish I could know what differene Search Engine Optimisation Companies are doing to increase link poularity....... Idea I think its time to contact colleagues from previous SEO companies, make new friends in SEO industry.... Hope this will work..... B+ ;)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

SEO : Long term vs Short term

Different Search Engine Optimisation Companies provides different types of SEO services some of them are short term like they'll optimise a given site for given set of keywords over a fixed ammount of time. After that client may sign up for a monthly or annual maintenace programme. Other SEO package may include long term SEO stretegy like optimisation of a websites for given keywords and also adding more pages+ keywords. A client may hire a company for any of SEO package for his/her website depending upon nature of business and SEO needs etc.......

NOw both short term and long term SEO serviceshan there own brnrfits n drawbacks. A webmaster can consider both the cases and ask the Search Engine Optimisation Company
fro which suits better.

Short term SEO :
1. Pages gets fully analyzed, optimized and rolled out within a few weeks or months.
2. No long-term contracts.
3. No large re-occurring fees.

1. Nothing gets rolled out until its all complete. If the contract calls for a large number of keywords or pages to be optimized you might be in for a long wait.
2. Some important keywords many not get optimized as the contract has limitations as to how many pages and keywords are to be optimized.
3. Newly popular phrases don't get optimized without making an additional optimization purchase.
4. Reporting and analysis is limited.
5. Link building is limited.

Long-Term SEO:
1. New keywords are always being found and optimized into your site.
2. Ongoing analysis, maintenance, reporting and consulting.
3. Ongoing link analysis and building
4. You know who is ultimately responsible.
5. No fees for just keeping the status quo or a few reports
6. Pages are rolled out as soon as they are ready, no waiting for "everything" to be completed.
7. Constant analysis for new trendy keywords that can bring in targeted traffic.
8. Ongoing link building efforts
9. Ongoing reporting and in depth performance analysis

1. Some important keywords may take a while to get optimized and rolled out.
2. Larger ongoing fees.
3. Long-term contracts often required.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Earn money from internet

Internet is a big oppotunity for making money with little hard and more smart work. All you need is to know the tips and tricks for how to maken money online. Look at google its making its money from internet. If google can so do you. There are a lot of methods of making monet from internet like:

1. Taking work at home opportunities.
2. Affiliate marekting.
3. Google adsense.

From the above three work at home opportunities like taking part in paid surveys, becomming a secret or mystery shopper and other similiar works like that are easy to be done doesn't require more effort from you. Easy to undertake but it can only help you earn few extra bucks apart from your regualr source of income.

Affiliate marketing is also a great opportunities. Lots of people are making money through affiliate marketing. In affilaite marketing you promote products or services of partern/company you signed up for known as your affiliate through your blog or website or thru e-mails and the affiliate will pay you some commission on each sale or recomendation etc. Its a good opportunity but there are certain risk facotrs like no payment from affiliate etc.

Atlast google adsense it great method to make money all you need is to sign up for a google adsense account and add the addesnes ad code in your blog or website. In da befining you can start with your blog learn how to make most of google adsense and then for more earnings you can tyr it on your websites.

More on how to make most of gogle adsense in next post.
Keep visitng!!!!

Search Engine Optimisation

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

SERPs modification by search engines

We've heards a lot about search enginestrackiig IPs and user behaviour etc. to modify search results. Bu not all SEO Company agree on this, some say dat results are shown from a data centre according to search engine algorithm hence is can't be modified, others say Search Engines reorder the results for revenue or maybe for user behaviour improvement.

But I personally think is search engines do tamper there results (as Shoaib Akhtar do BAll Tampering for getting more wickets). Recently Google also got a patent for changing top results. Thus no doubt search engine do vary there results.

Below are the 20 Ways Search Engines May Rerank Search Results :
1. Filtering of duplicate, or near duplicate, content
2. Removing multiple relevant pages from the same site
3. Based upon personal interests
4. Reranking based upon local inter-connectivity
5. Sorting for country specific results
6. Sorting for language specific results
7. Looking at population or audience segmentation information
8. Reranking based upon historical data
9. Reordering based upon topic familiarity
10. Changing orders based upon commercial intent
11. Reranking and removing results based upon mobile device friendliness
12. Reranking based upon accessibility
13. Reranking based upon editorial content
14. Reranking based upon additional terms (boosting) and comparing text similarity
15. Reordering based upon implicit feedback from user activities and click-throughs
16. Reranking based upon community endorsement
17. Reranking based upon information redundancy
18. Reranking based upon storylines
19. Reranking by looking at blogs, news, and web pages as infectious disease
20. Reranking based upon conceptually related information including time-based and use-based factors

Looking forward for Search Engine Optimisation Expert comments on this.........

Monday, September 25, 2006

Google top 10

TOday I am on top of the world my site is appearing in top 10 results of google. I'd been observing the rankings and traffic for last two weeks, now I am confident about tha ranking site is ranking lats af first page ie 10 rank.. Now client is aking for boosting this rankings. All of Search engine optimisation people, SEO Company and other SEO services provider I know so far will tell its easy to guarrentee top 1- to top 30 rankings in two of three search engines by doing basic SEO tricks but when it comes to boost ranking from 10 to 9, 9 to 5 and 5 to 1 its a very tough and challenging task..
THe main challenge is now to maintain and boost the ranking for that I'd to do somoething to defeat other 9 competitors. Lets hope for the best...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Google and search Engine Optimisation

HI... All of us know google is the synonym for search. And anyone in search engine optimisation field will be satisfied only if his site is ranking well in google only ranking in other search engines matter but they are satisfactory only not the one a SEO Expert cab boost upon.

Why ranking in google are important:
all of us know nearly 90 % of the traffic comes from search engine, out of that 60 to 70% comes frm google only, rest include yahoo, msn and other small search engines, best thing is that a lot of search engine provide results powered by google so if you get on google rankings your traffic will increase autimatically.

Below is the list of major search engines that provide search results powered by google:

Alexa search

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Google Click-to-Call

DO this google search, if you are in SEO field and moreover you spend some bucks in PPC advertisement, you must be surprised to see a green colored phone icon in the sponsored results displayed by Google.

What is this phone icon, its what googles gonna implement soon tha Google Click-to-Call, that will allow users to speak directly to advertiser in google by clicking on that phoe icon.

Sponsored advertisements in search engines are goin to be more revolutionised. What abt MSN and YAHOO hope two competitors are not asleep.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Google Pluto Update

hmmmm, now a days google is updating things faster and so I am posting faster in the SEOv blog. Now google blogs have some name associated with it as florida update, jagger update, Big daddy Update, and the recent Pluto Update. You know why its named pluto update, coz we lost pluto in the same time from planet list.

There nothing serious to note in this pluto update, as google only updated its backlinks index, but I think its a signal to a big change in the algo of Big G.

One more significant change I observed is in the information returned when you type your url like in the google search bar. No google cache link is displayed, no link to site or related links or actual links viewing url is displayed...
Pic below will give you more info:

Search Engine Optimisation and google pluto update

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Do you validate your HTML code

Few weeks back I found a post on top25web SEO forum about search engines and valid HTML code. Querry was to find out wheather search engines give more priority to site having valid HTML code i.e. 100% error free. well as inour SEO community all don't have same belief some say its important to have valid HTML code other just said it doesn't matter.

I generally validate my sites (projects)at the start and after that doesn't bother for validating. Generally use W3C HTML validator for that.

So to find out answer to the querry I juss searched three search engine for Search Engine Optimisation keyword and found around 75% results contain HTML errors.
TO my utter surprise search engine themselve containg errors...Only exception was MSN

Below are the stats:

1. 1st place - MSN - Passed!
2. 2nd place - Altavista - Failed, 38 errors
3. 3rd place - Yahoo - Failed, 41 errors
4. 4th place - Google - Failed, 61 errors
5. 5th place - - Failed, 64 errors
6. Runner-up - Dogpile - Failed, 70 errors

What do you people say now!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

SEOv : Index

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Our mission to enhance our customer's business by bringing them unique designs and seo services that either solve problems or further their website. Our Customer Service - second to none- is provided by dedicated professionals who are willing to go the extra step.

Have no fear! SEOv will help you. Just look at our SEO & Link Building, Web Design & Development services.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Search Engine OPtimisation Quiz

Hi SEO s,
Just one quicke question through this post to all in the field of Search Engine OPtimisation, what they call themselves SEO Experts, SEO gurus, Search engine Optimisation professional etc......

What is the difference between a hit and a visit on a Website?

.Answer is
Hit can be any filetype (.gif, .css, .js)....a visit is typically a hit on a page, like .html, .php, etc. depending on the context.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

SEO Reports : HOw they help in Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Reports : How they help in Search Engine Optimisation

Wondering how come the post on SEO reports, well the reason is my friend told me that my blog is coming at YAHOO SERPs for the keywords SEO reports (Pretty above his website :0) )and I think publishing a post on SEO reports will give a boost to rankings.

Big no to this. Actual reason is that as usual on the end of each month I'd to prepare a lot of report for the websites I am working on (Like traffic reports, ranking reports, adsense revenue, PPC caimpaign reports). Hereafter will refer all these report as SEO reports. Now after I'd prepared all that reports, studied them. Affiliates sites reports are kept with me and clients sites reports are forwarded to them. While I was studying my SEO reports I found these reports are really must for each webmaster to know vistors to his site, behaviour of the visitors, where the most users are comming from and a lot more.

One important benefit of SEO reports is if studied well these can be used in increasing ROI and conversion rate. SO if you are a webmaster I'd suggest do ask your SEO consultant for weekly or monthly reports. It helps a you a lot to know work progress, traffic, and more...

At last one famous quote I like:

"Stats are like biknis they reveal a lot but hide the actual thing."

Thus study your reports more deeply.

Well thats all for now visit again for more on Search engine optimisation SEO expert India

Monday, May 01, 2006

Search Engine Optimisation

Hi All,
Looking for an webmaster, Search Engine Optimisation - SEO - professtional for your website. Our team of professional can provide you all you need for making you web presence felt. We can provide you all from basics to Advanced search engine optimisation i.e services like directory submission, link building, meta tags optimisation, article submission, SEO etc needed. We send weekly reports to our client regarding work being done and ranking progress, traffic reports (monthly)...

we can bring all your online dreams to reality...
Contach SEOv Team @

Tuesday, April 18, 2006



You spend a lot on getting a site designed and making it attractive, eye catching for your visitors, but when you upload your site on net you find your site not getting any visitors or traffic. Now what to do you search for information on getting online traffic or consult some friend or some other thing, you’ll be willing to do anything for getting traffic to your site. Anyone you consult will ask you to get your website optimized for search engines i.e. SEO or Search engine Optimization of your website. There are hundred of SEO companies in the market offering you different prices and guaranteed top rankings in search engines.

• Human resources/ intellectual property (good people)

• Quality of Analytics

• Scalability of SEO process

• "Network" reach (content, ad inventory)

• Tools, code, and scripts for automation and information

• Client base value and future value

• Current and future expectations for revenue streams and profit centers

• Industry reputation

• Lead generation potential

• Sales process and potential

• Vision (good management)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

SEO for Site with Frames

Search engine professional are divided into two, when it comes to optimisation of sites with frames. Some that framed sites, if done properly, have no problems in getting good rankings in the search engines while other simply say never use frames if you want your site ranked in search engines.

I’ll say both are wrong and real truth lies somewhere in between those two SEO professionals’ views. Every SEO in this world would recommend you to avoid using frames, unless you have a more solid and specific reason for using them in your site. Whatever may be the reason if you’d frame in your site and doesn’t want them to be removed, all is not lost yet. Good rankings can still be achieved with frames in the site and sometimes having frames is advantageous when it comes to Search Engine Rankings.

The key to getting good rankings lies in using the NOFRAMES tag. The NOFRAMES tag is intended to help framed web sites display some content for those people who are using browsers which don't understand frames. The search engines which don't understand frames also look at the NOFRAMES tag. Hence, if you are using frames, you need to add content to the NOFRAMES tag. Add a complete web page within the NOFRAMES tag and ensure that this page repeats the important keywords for your site a number of times. Also put the NOFRAMES tag right after the FRAMESET tag.

One problem that occurs when you use frames is that the search engines may often display one of the internal pages in your site in response to a query. If this internal page does not contain a link to the home page of your site, the user will be unable to navigate through your entire site. The solution, of course, is to add a link to the home page from that internal page. When the visitor clicks on that link, she is brought within the context of the frames.

However, simply adding a link to the home page presents yet another problem. If the visitor had already been viewing that page within the context of the frames and then clicks on the link to the home page, a new set of frames will be created in addition to the frames already being used. In order to solve this problem, you have to use the TARGET = "_top" command in the link.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Organic Vs Paid listings

Hi… a time since my last post more than a moth I didn’t had any post at my Search Engine Optimisation Blog Was bit busy with my SEO work keeping check on changing rankings and Page Rank due to ongoing Google BIG DADY update. That’s the most difficult phase in a Search engine optimizer’s life as you keep on working on a website for a long time it appears in ranking you start getting traffic and revenue and once again search engines algorithm changes. Trouble for SEO expert again actually a search engine optimizer never remains casual if his site is in good ranks keep on working to maintain it and if its out of SERP’s work hard to get your site in ranks.

Due to changing rankings and algorithms of search engines some webmaster don’t rely on organic listing and go for paid listings in major search engines for there website, but there also is a cut throat competition you need to bid higher and higher to maintain your listings.

Don’t get confused between organic listings and paid listings. In my opinion both are good ways for getting traffic as for new site it may take time to appear in organic listings at that time if you don’t have the patience to wait for your site appear in SERP’s then its advisable to opt for paid listings in Yahoo or Google. And if your site is in the hands of an Ethical SEO company or expert then it’ll remain in SERP’s even if search keep changing the algorithms daily. Below are few characteristics of both types of listings consider them and go according to your business demands.

Organic Listings

1. Long Lasting Effect

2. Slow Results

3. Low Cost

4. Less Control Over Ranking

5. More Clicks Than PPC

6. No Management

7. No Monitoring

8. Assumption

9. Gigantic Exposure

10. More Text Space

11. Uncontrolled Title And Description

PPC Listings

1. Effect Depends On Budget

2. Quick Results

3. Expensive

4. Complete Control Over Ranking

5. Less Clicks Than Organic

6. Complete Management

7. Complete Campaign Monitoring

8. Authentic

9. Limited Exposure

10. Less Text Limitation

11. Controlled Title And Description

Friday, January 27, 2006

24 SPAM techniques - Various SPAM and black hat SEO techniques.

SPAM is search engine optimization industry is used to describe unethical techniques and tactics used to gain higher rankings in SERPs and more traffic to yoou site.

Various Spamming Techniques are:
1. Cloaking

2. IP Delivery

3. Leader Pages

4. Site Networks

5. Link Farms

6. Blogs

7. Forum spam

8. Keyword Stuffing

9. Hidden Text (CSS spamming)

10.Useless Meta Tags

11. Execessive Directories submission

12. Hidden Tags

13. Organic Site Submissions

14. Email Spam

15. Redirect Spam

16. Misuse of Web 2.0 Formats

17. Hidden table cells stuffed with keywords within h1 tags

18. DHTML laying and Hidden text under layers

19. Domain Spam

20. Wikis

21. Publishing Empires

22. Links Inside No Script Tags

23. Tiny Text

24. Page Spoofing

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Google Adsense - Getting cash from your website

Google Adsense is a great way for any website owner to earn a nice income simply by placing ads on his or her website. The ads are taken from their Adwords Program, and what is shown on the page relates to the content or the theme of that particular page. For example, a page about dogs would rotate ads for pet-related products and services.

Before you decide it must be pretty simple to just throw some Google ads on your pages and go lay on a beach somewhere while the monëy rolls in, think again. There really is an art and a "science" to optimizing your website to work well with the advertisements.

Remember, you don't get paid unless people clïck, so before you just plaster the ads in any old space, hëre are some tips to consider straight from Google and other online resources.

1) Horizontal Display of 4 Image Ads: I found this tip on a forum. There's been some talk that placing a horizontal row of images right above a leaderboard ad format works very well for drawing attention and increasing click-thrus. For more on this read the thread yourself at:

2) Blend: You don't want the ads to "intrude" on your content, rather make them "blend" as if they are part of your content.

3) Placement: Above the fold placement is better for maximum eye attention. Visualize the monitor as a piece of paper and cut it in half horizontally. Try to place your ads in the top section and to the left.

4) Wider: Per Google, a wider footprint is better then taller; maybe because it can hold more content and make it easier to read without dropping down line after line. Google claims the most effective sizes for click-thrus are 326x280, 300x250 (inline rectangle), 160x600 (wide skyscraper).

5) More is Better: To generate more revenue, put ads on every single page of your site -- if it works for your set up. This will result in more ad views and more chances for actual click-thrus.

6) Multiple Ad Units: Try putting more than one ad unit on a page. Google allows 3 ad units maximum on any one page of your site.

7) Colors: When choosing colors for your ad layouts, try to pick ones that complement and go with your web pages. If you'd like to keep it fresh, you can select up to four rotating color palettes when generating your ad code. This may help keep your site's frequent visitors from "tuning out" your ads.

8) Google Search: Google offers a "search box" function you can add to your site, which will give you yet another opportunïty to generate income. For more on this, see:

Google Adsense Tour

Users can search just Google or your entire website. If they clïck on any of the ads on the "search results" page you'll earn monëy.

9) Link Units: Another ad format you can add to your site is called "link units." These are smaller text ads ranging in six sizes from 120x90 pix to 728x15 pixels. You can add one link unit to the already allowed 3 ad units per page, giving you a maximum of four ad units on a page. Again, it gives you another opportunïty for click-thrus. For more on link units, see:

Google Adsense Support

10) Channels: Use channels to track different ad formats and color schemes to find out which ad units are working best, and utilize that information to tweak and refine your site. For more, see:

11) Image Ads: With Adsense you can opt in to show only text based ads or a combination of both text and image ads. Make sure you're utilizing the image format as this additional option opens up more advertising opportunities for your site. Google will show image ads when they have a higher value to you then the normal text ad units would. For more info see:

Will I Earn More with Image Ads

12) Public Service Ads: When Google can't find ads for a page on your site they show what's called "public service ads." By replacing these ads with your own ads, perhaps for affïliate programs you may be involved with, you'll have more chances of earning some revenue instead of giving it away to Google. For more, see:

Alternate Ads

Not all of these tips will work for every website owner. You'll want to test different ad formats, colors and placements to find out what works best with your site. There is no one size fits all so use this information as a general guideline for tweaking your pages

13) Section Targeting: By adding special tags you're assisting Google in knowing where the "real content" is on your pages which results in more targeted ads and hopefully higher click-thru rates for you. See more on this at:

14) Adsense for Feeds: Another way to get more ad exposure is this beta program where you can include ads in your RSS feeds. It's limited at this time; see:

What is AdSense for feeds?

Many ebooks have been written on this subject. If you'd like to investigate further, see:

1) Growing Your Business with Google, by Dave Taylor

2) What Google Nevër Told You About Making Monëy with AdSense Ebook, by Joel Comm

For great information on using Adsense, bookmark this blog:

Remember, nothing takes the place of good content. Before placing ads on your pages, make sure that you have a quality site with information and resources people will want to see to ensure continual traffïc. You won't make much monëy if you don't have traffïc to clïck on the ads in the first place.

Google makes it simple for any site owner to earn a nice income with their Adsense program. It's up to you to get the most out of it.

Search Engine Optimisation

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