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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Google - Jagger update - 2005

1. Age of the incoming links: Age now matters more for a link to be counted as back link. Google now observe the link to your site for a period of time and checks for any changes in anchor text.

2. Value of anchor text in incoming links: Beware of using same anchor text rather target more combination of anchor text for different pages of your website.
3. Content on page of incoming links: Content if definitely the king. A content rich site is more likely to be ranked well in SERPs.

4. Keyword repetitions in anchor text

5. Value of incoming links: Each incoming link is counted as a vote to your website, but gaining back link is not so easy after this Jagger update by Google, now try to exchange links with more relevant sites, get link from content rich page, also try to exchange articles etc.

6. Nature of sites linking to you:

7. Directory links: Directories were a way of getting one way link but are not considered good way of getting link nowadays.

8. Speed and volume of incoming links created

9. Value of reciprocal links

10. Impact of outbound links / links page on your website

11. Sandbox effect / age of your site, domain registration date

12. Size of your site’s content

13. Addition and frequency of fresh content update: If a site is updated frequently with good content added at web pages webcrawlers are likely to visit that site more often.

14. Canonical / sub domains, sub-sub domains: Even google is confused with it as it takes, and as different webpages with duplicate content. Similarity website and are considered different websites

15. Multiple domains on same IP numbers

16. Duplicate content on same site or on multiple domains

17. Over-optimization, excessive text markup

18. Irrational use of CSS: Using CSS for hidden link is considered SPAM avoid it.

Good luck for getting quality links for your website.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Anchor Text Optimisation - SEO

Anchor Text Optimization:
After you had written a beautiful content for your website, next step you must follow is anchor text optimization of your website. Now what s anchor Text : Anchor text is the text that is hyperlinked to some other webpage or any web document. E.g. Travel HimachaL

Importance of Anchor Text in Search Engine Optimisation
Search engines give more weightage to anchor text of link in a website/page. Specially Google is more attracted to links and there anchor text..
You must we aware of famous miserable failure googlebomb of late 2003 aiming at biography of George W. Bush. This will give you idea of power of anchor text.

Now why search engines give more attention to anchor text the reason is that anchor text gives you the idea of landing page. E.g. Anchor text himachal tourism and Kangra valley will tell that landing pages are related to Tourism in Hiamchal Pradesh and Kangra valley respectively. It means that Anchor Text Enhances the Relevance of the landing page and is used to reflect the content of the link.

Optimisation using anchor text:
Anchor text optimization can be used both for
• Internal links: Just link the keywords you are optimizing your website to the target WebPages. consider this text optimized

HI...Welcome5:12 PM 10/24/2005 to Travel Himachal a website for your complete information on Himachal Pradesh and tourist locations, historic places, temples and other places of interest in Himachal Pradesh. Here at Travel Himachal you will find information about Himachal Pradesh a hilly state in northwest India. You are browsing this site shows your interest in this small hilly state, may be belong to this state or planning to Travel Hiamchal or internet spam brought you here whatever the reason a heartily welcome here. Please browse this website and find more about this Himalayan state. Any suggestions and feedbacks are most welcomed and appreciated.
All the information you find here has been collected by me during the days I spend in Himachal Pradesh. Although I visited HP during my summer and winter vacations in my early childhood and didn't get time to explore and travel himachal. But it was three years during my college days when I get to travel different places in Himachal Pradesh. We traveled a lot during college days to various parts of Himachal. Further information on this website is compiled from official and commercial websites across the net.

• External link : External links are link that are pointing to your website and keywords within these link is also equally important. Thus its important to take care of anchor text in your link building campaigns i.e. title which is hyperlinked should contain important keyword (PS nowadays search engines are becoming smarter so please beware of using same TITLE for link exchange rather use 5-6 different combinations.)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Content is the king

After Html Meta tags optimisation,be sure your site is content rich and not one full with flash and images as search engines can't spider flash and images, whereas text is easily read by search engines and is the key for good search engine rankings.Search engines strive to place quality sites with useful information on top of the search results

Renmember Content is King - Provide information that is relevant is relevant to your website theme and make sure it contains popular keywords and phrases in relation to your topic or industry.These keywords/phrases can be written in Headings < h1 >, < h2 >, < h2 > etc..., boldlined, linked to specific pages of your website.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Meta tag optimisation - Power of HTML

After the selection of right keywords for your site, next step is to add "meta tags" to your site.Now what are meta tags?
Meta tags are inserted in the HEAD section of your HTML code of a website and provide information that describes the content of the webpages a user will be viewing. Search engines have recognized that website owners and administrators can use this resource to control their positioning and descriptions in search engine results. Many search engines have now incorporated reading META tags as part of their indexing formulas.Thus meta tags are having some role in the Search engine ranking of a website.
In the meta tags you can specify TITLE. KEYWORDS, DESCRIPTION,tell search engine wheather to index a page or not.
Learn more about meta tags at

Be sure to have clean and error free HTML code for your website. You can validate your HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)at HTML Validator


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