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Monday, September 24, 2012

Top Blogs Every SEO profession should subscribe to

Every SEO professional has their own way to keep themselves updated about latest algorithmic updates and the SEO techniques that comes into existence after the algorithmic updates. Since internet is nowadays full of lots of content farms many SEO companies nowadays post articles, blogs and press releases about Panda and penguin updates just to get some quick links and to give an impression that they offer penguin and panda proof SEO services.  I started my SEO career way back in 2003 and at that time newsletters were the good source of SEO information for me. Main newsletter I’d subscribed at that time were the sitepronews, digitalpoint to name a few however nowadays there is overdose of information at the newsletters and it’s hard to rely just on newsletters for latest updates. Also I’d got lots more busier in SEO project now so  I don’t have time to subscribe to a couple of newsletters and scan 10-20 emails every day just to find some average kind of stuff in every email.

Best thing that worked for me these days is follow some credible blogs that provide the most relevant and most trusted information about SEO, algorithmic updates and most importantly and idea about what SEO changes might take place in future. I personally believe that SEO is not what works for getting top rankings now but SEO is rather what would work in the future.  Any SEO professional who can provide a futuristic SEO technique that works will definitely get lots of bonuses from his client and various new leads as well. 

Question that rises here is that with so much going around in SEO industry how one can focus about future SEO techniques and depict the techniques would work for sure. Now this is what makes you different from average SEO companies and professionals. I never liked the idea of content spinning and never used any kind of content spinning even at the time when many people were doing that profitably rather I found that rather than getting tons of content copies why not get 5 unique copies written and get those published. And the result was that none of my client or my websites got affected due to panda updates.  Another example I’d share is that at the time Google release its Google videos website I recommended one of my client who offered piano lessons online to promote videos at YouTube, dailymotion and Google videos with a little different approach. Previously the client was adding same title, description and tags at all the three websites but I suggest that we must us different title etc. Sooner YouTube was acquired and client has his site, YouTube and daily motion videos appearing in first page for nearly 100+ queries.

Lest cut it short and explain the benefit that subscribing to top blogs his helping me. The blogs that I follow are the ones that post information about the update as they happen and then the world follows those and many times they post interview from people about SEO changes that might happen etc. Here is the list of blogs that might be helpful to you as well.

  1. Official Google Blog
  2. Inside AdWords
  3. Official Google Webmaster Central Blog
  4.  Inside AdSense Blog
  5. Aaron wall Blog
  6. Danny Sullivan Blog
  7. SEOMoz
  8. Matt cutts blog
  9. HubSpot Internet Marketing Blog

In case there is some interesting and useful blog that you recommend adding to the list, please post a comment and I’d happily update the list here. Thanks and have good time with your SEO projects.

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