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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Duplicate Content Penalty & Recovering from the penalization

All you you must have heard of this duplicate content penality before also. In every FAQ on SEO, Forum on SEO, Internet Marketing Forums, article and newsletter there is a regular repition of this topic. Just today as I came back from my SEO Marketing company, I logged in to my gmail account and I once again found an interesting email, here a webmaster is talking about how his site was penalized by google due to duplicate content. He accidentaly use some non search engine friendly wordpress template that caused more than 100 copies of index page of his site.

You can read more about this on the forum discussion goin at Web Pro World.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How Google Instant effects your online marketing campaigns

When google instant hit the google search results, it was the hot topics many people were happy and many disappointed with google instant. I remember one of my ex manager tweeted "Google instant user in me Likes it, SEO in me little worried".

Perhaps that was the response of most SEO experts in the world. I was just reading a nice article on the same topic and would like to share the article with you.

Impact of 'Google Instant' on Your Online Marketing Campaigns
On the 8th of September 2010, Google launched its Instant Search interface, which shows results as you type, in real time. Searchers, particularly from the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) industry, have reacted sharply to the new interface. Many users find the new interface distracting, even annoying.
Google Instant is being sold as a faster and better User InterfaceMatt Cutts from Google says that the change is more about rolling out a new User Interface (UI) rather than an algorithmic change. Matt attempted to allay the fears of the SEM industry by suggesting "SEO is not dead" but may change due to instant search query feedback to users, which in turn, may change their search behaviour. He believes that the searchers will diversify their queries within the scope of the original intent.
The effect of predicted query suggestions on user behaviorWhile Google claims that the Search Ranking Algorithm remains unchanged, the new feature will surely change search behaviour of users due to instant feedback mechanism. A lot of users are likely to select the predictive results, which fulfil their original intent, and stop typing further. Some users may get distracted from their original intent as 'irrelevant but interesting' results may lead to unintended searches. For example a user may digress into "home improvement loans" after typing "home improvement" instead of following his original intent of searching for "home improvement ideas."

Read full story at

Thursday, October 07, 2010

SEO and Astronomer

Do you know what is the similarity between SEO experts and astronomers?

An astronomer lands in any area of this earth and claims he landed on moon similarly a SEO expert get ranked for any domain name and claim to achieve top ranking in GYB for any keywords which virtually they can't guarantee.

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