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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Do SEO and Blogs complement each other?

Hi All,

Hope you all the doing fine. Please accept my sincere apologies for not posting at this blog from a long time. My last post about Google Account Logout Malware warning was published in November 2011 and since then it’s a long holiday for me considering this SEO Marketing Blog. It’s not that the holidays were intentional, the reason for this long absence can be credited to the holiday’s season initially and after that I’ve been kept busy by new assignments and some important functions that I need to attend.

Today a step from Google prompted me to post at this blog. Google yesterday implemented country top level domain specific redirection to all the blogger domains this means if you are residing in India then this SEO Marketing blog will open as in place of This step is taken by google in response to some conflicts over hosted content at Google with the Indian Government. (I think Indian government must be more concerned about the country’s development, handle corruption and improve the standard of living in India rather than to go after the company which is known as the best company to work). According to google they are taking complete care so that the new changes will not cause any loss of traffic on harm to search engine optimization of the blogs.

Now let’s talk about SEO and blogging. I hope most of you will agree that search engine optimization and blogs complement each other. From the evolution of the blogs and the rise of blogs as a strong marketing tool, many SEO marketing companies have been using blogs as to promote the business of many clients.

How to blogs help in SEO?

Blogs are free, easy to setup, easy to maintain and very much SEO friendly. Thus you can use blogs not only for getting free links but also as a strong interaction tool to the visitors to your site. Thus blogs serves multiple purposes like:

  • Provide free one way links
  • Improve search engine saturation of the site
  • Provide valuable stuff to the site visitors
  • Release company news, product demos, new product announcement
  • You can also use blogs to disperse company discount coupons
  • Cost effective marketing tool
  • Helps in social networking (SMO)
  • Improved traffic and sales
  • Can generate additional revenue stream if you plan to host third party ads or implementation of banners ads etc.
Thus you can see what you are missing if you are not blogging for your company or business. Start blogging now and enjoy the benefits of blogging. Please feel free to send your queries or suggestions; I’d be happy to respond.

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