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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Google local search results

Google now shows local search results when search history is enabled, even if you didn't type the city name in the search query. Check the screen shot below.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Spell Check and SEO - Interesting article

Found a very interesting article on SEO basic techniques titled Back to SEO Basics - Part 1, Spell Check and Content Analysis, article mainly focuses on why one should perform spelling check and how spelling mistakes can be avoided or tracked easily and effectively. In the last paragraph author Sana Smith says:

"More than 85% people click on "did you mean" link and will get redirected to the exact word search query. So from remaining 15% how much visitors will you get, will that be a quality visitor, and is this worth the effort? You can decide easily."

I'd like to add one thing more here, nowadays google has become even more smart, you will get spelling suggestions the moment you type some wrong spelling in the google search box, thus suggesting correct spellings before you hit the search button. Thus spelling check become lot more crucial. Check the screen shot below if you haven't seen google search spelling suggest till now.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Directory Submission - Free or Reciprocal link - What to choose

Directory submission is one of the oldest way of getting one way links for any website and in case you get listed in Dmoz thats the greatest thing. In this post I am not going to discuss about "How to get listed in Dmoz", I will post post about it later.

This post is about a funny this I noticed while directory submission. Normally what would you choose while directory submission free, paid or reciporocal. Majority of the time option is free links. Now to see the funny thing check the screen shots below. Free links are free and reciprocal directory links are paid. I think is a mistake hile configuring directories by group of directories.

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