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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Search engine optimization tips for beginners

Getting a website in top is a thing that every webmaster would love to achieve. Achieving top rankings for your favorable keywords is not a very difficult task but its hard to decide from where to start with and it may land you it totally different part of the globe if you doesn’t follow the webmaster guidelines set by major search engines for webmasters and search engines optimization experts or companies. In this article I am posting few search engine optimization tips for beginners but these tips are equally beneficial for any SEO professional.

1. Don’t purchase new domains: If you are trying to get your website ranked in engines and so far you don’t have any substantial success, then don’t try to go and try your luck in new domain. Reason here is that search engine give value to the age of the domain and hence it’s recommended to try figuring out things that may be hurting your website’s reputation over search engines. However there may be circumstances when you may need to start new domain under such situation using permanent redirect to your new domain is recommended to minimize the loss of traffic from search engines.

2. Do extensive keyword research: Spend good amount of time in keyword research and go in as much detail as you can while researching keywords. Don’t select keywords that can bring traffic but brainstorm keywords that can bring you sales. Over years of experience in search engine marketing I have seen that lots of keywords bring you traffic but there are couple of keywords that can bring business, revenue for you. Thus analyze your website traffic to shortlist the keywords that bring you business. Ranking at the top of search engines for these keywords make the actual difference.

3. Use different title and meta tags: Each page of your website needs to have unique title and meta description tags. Your title tag should contain important keywords included in the content of your web pages. One more important point to be taken care is that it’s the title tag of a webpage that will prompt any visitors to click your website at search engine result pages.

4. Don’t over optimize: Never optimize your website rather optimize for your targeted audience. This is one of the common instructions by all major search engines for webmasters.

5. Write Search engine friendly code: Make you website code search engine friendly by preventing excessive use of images, flash, java script menus or links. Use alt and title attributes and images and links. Validate your website HTML, XML and CSS.

6. Use webmaster tools: Evaluate your SEO campaign by using tools like google analytics, webmaster central, yahoo site explorer etc. These tools are very much helpful for webmasters in their SEO campaigns.

7. Get quality links: All of us know off-page optimization is very crucial part of any SEO campaign however only quality links count and contribute to your website’s PR and search engine rankings. Any off-page activity, be it link building, social media marketing, directory submission etc. take care of quality always.

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Yahoo goes - Y!ou - More Personalized yahoo

The new mission statement of the company - Yahoo! Puts Its Focus on "Y!ou" speaks of the focus on people. So will there be any new features added in yahoo for the above mentioned mission statement. Yes it means:

- You can add your access your favorite content through the Yahoo! frontpage on any screen from a single Web location.

- Yahoo! Mail now offers simpler photo sharing, editing and easy access to helpful and productive apps.

- Yahoo! Search has been updated today to make Web search results more relevant and meaningful.

- High-quality video calling has been added to Yahoo! Messenger for instant connections with friends and family.

- You can also continue your internet experience on your mobile phone browser through Yahoo!'s new mobile homepage. And if you are the experimental kinds try out the Yahoo! for mobile, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Fantasy Football, Yahoo! Messenger and Flickr.

The brand campaign was launched in United States on September 28 and starts in India and United Kingdom on October 5 and will extend into 2010. It will reach major and emerging markets worldwide, including Brazil, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, and Taiwan.

Read full story at: Yahoo News

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