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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Selection of keywords

Keywords play an important role in the seo marketing campaign of a website be it organic search engine optimization or pay per click campaign. Until and unless you are using the right keywords you are wasting your efforts in organic SEO and both efforts and money in PPC campaigns. So keywords research or selection of keywords is very much important task of any search engine marketing campaign. Its not the search count of the keywords that will help you compile the list of keywords however there are certain more things that need to be taken care for shortlisting keywords i.e. keyword popularity, keyword ROI factor, keyword proximity etc. Also you should keep on changing your website keywords according your business requirements.

Once initial keyword research is done try to add other keywords around those keywords like synonyms, long trail keywords, singular or plural combination etc. Targets these keywords carefully in your page meta and title tags and in your ad copies. With the progress of your camapign you would be able to further shortlist converting keywords by analyzing your web stats.


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