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Monday, September 21, 2009

Alexa Rank Simplified

Adding one more post about Alexa rankings. I was just reading FAQs at alexa website. And I recommend all of you to go through Alexa FAQs to know what alexa rank is along with ways to improve alexa rankings. Few things I want summarize:

1) Alexa rank is not just based on Traffic of alexa toolbar users: Yes that's true previously I thought Alexa rank is just based on traffic from the millions of user that have Alexa toolbar installed at their PCs. However its mentioned that alexa uses data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources ( Now I wonder whats these diverse traffic sources are?).

2) Alexa rank is based on the 3 months aggregate traffic and is combined measure of page views and users ( Alexa toolbar and other diverse traffic sources).

3) Alexa rank for mirror site is counter together.

4) Definition and explanation of terms like Data Normalization, Movers & Shakers, Page Views, Alexa reach etc.

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