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Friday, September 18, 2009

SEO Anlaysis reports for clients

SEO analysis reports can be send to a client during different phases of a project. A SEO analysis report can be send at following durations:

1. SEO analysis report with your SEO proposal for a client
2. Pre SEO report when a project starts
3. SEO progress reports
3. Post SEO report on completion of project

All these report have benefits of there own and must be prepared with great care. Take the case of SEO report that can be send with the SEO proposal. Herein you can mention the points, changes that will help the client site. In this report you can also ask cleint about website SEO history like SEO strategy followed and things that worked for search engine optimization of the website along with things that didn't worked. Mentioning the top competitors in this report can also be beneficial as client can be satisfied about you being aware of his potential market, competitors etc.

Pre SEO reports normally should be short and simple. In pre SEO you can mention about current website status and changes that you will implement to fix any shortcomings etc.

SEO progress reports can contain traffic report, ranking reports etc.

Post SEO reports need to be detailed report containing each and every SEO success achieved. You can compare Pre SEO and POST SEO traffic, PR, rankings, alexa ranking etc.

That was about SEO reports, will publish about paid results and youtube video promotion future posts.


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