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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Ways to Improve Alexa Rankings & Traffic

Adding one more post to the Alexa series, here I am posting tips to improve alexa rank and alexa traffic for a website. As explained earlier Alexa ranking is based on number of times a website is browsed by people having alexa toolbar installed at there computers. Here are few tips that can prove to be helpful in increasing your alexa rankings:

1. Install alexa toolbar at your office and hoe computers.
2. Add your website as default home page.
3. Add alexa rank widget to your website or blog. It helps for visits where alexa toolbar in not installed.
4. Ask friends, relatives etc to rate/review your site at Alexa.
5. Write content with main topics related to Search engine marketing or online marketing, webamsters tips etc. People in this field normally has Alexa toolbar installed and thus this will help get little benefit in alexa ranks.
6. Promote your website the more it will get browsed better alexa ranking will it achieve. Try to improve traffic from search engines and referral websites.

Let me know if you know some more techniques to improve alexa rankings.


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