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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Alexa ranking myth simplified

My previous posts were related to Alexa but not really were about what alexa ranking is all about. In the earlier post SEOv Blog @ Alexa I mentioned about my SEOv blogs ranking at Alexa and in the post Alexa widget not supportedI simply put the screen shot of Alexa graph. Here in this post i will share what alexa ranking is all about and how can webmasters improve there sites alexa rankings. is a website from that collect information about the websites and rank them according to the traffic of the websites. The major point here is that traffic is determined of the people who have installed alexa toolbar only so the ranking is only of the internet users who have installed Alexa toolbar in their web browser. However Alexa still remains one of the greatest parameter for the authority of any website, better the alexa ranking better is the site. Many organization still has Alexa rank as qualifying parameter for placing ads, buying links and or hiring the services you offer.

That was all about the importance on alexa rankings will post on how to improve alexa rankings later.


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