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Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 Year that watch SEO grow

Year 2007 was a great year for SEO. We saw lots of updates in the world of SEO. Search engine optimisation industry grew by 200% and same is expected for year 2008. Main highlights from the world of SO and search engines in 2007 are listed below:

Year of personalized and universal search:
It was a mix of both personalized and universal search. with search engine releasing beta versions of localized search fro there users.

Search engine updates on quality search results:
Search engine were more focussed to improve quality of search results and lessening the amount of spam website appearing in SERPs. Yahoo launched its ad ranking system in February as part of its Panama project. Soon after, Google updated its 18-month-old ad quality scoring algorithm. Microsoft followed in April, adding a quality score element to ad center.

Year of Social Media Marketing: Rise of lots of social media websites and social media marketing was on full swing throughout the year. Social network saw the rise of various social networks like :

Search wikia

More tools from search engines for webmasters

SEO industry grew up

Article source: WDC Blog


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