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Friday, December 07, 2007

Search Engine OPtimisation : Achieving top rankings using link building

All of you must have hear a popular quote in SEO : "If content is tha KING then links are QUEEN". Also each one knows links ate the key for achieving top rankings. Only on page SEO will not take you in top 10 ranks in search engine alone. Yes its possible to achieve top ranks through on[page SEO itself for less competitive keywords but you need to get quality links with proper anchor text.

This post is fully devoted to art of link building and how proper link building for your website can help you in getting top rankings. Link building is required to get incoming link to a website so as to increase its link popularity over various search engines and ranking also. Link building is also necessary for a good Page Rank (PR) of a website.

From search engines point of view following things matter most regarding a link:

- Number of Links

- Quality/Origin of Links

- Relevance of Links

- Anchor Text Within Links

- Links Must Present Value to Users

SO juss getting link from anywhere will not help your website with rankings you will need to work over quality link building techniques.

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