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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Answers to top SEO questions - Part 5

The next batch of SEO questions is as below:

21. What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
22. What kind of strategies do you normally implement for back links?
23. What role does social media play in an SEO strategy?
24. What things wouldn’t you to do increase rankings because the risk of penalty is too high?
25. What’s the difference between Page Rank and Tool Bar Page Rank?
26. Why might you want to use no-follow on an internal link?

Answers are as below:

Answer 21: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION AND SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING ;) the difference is SEO is the process you use in getting your pages to place well on search results. SEM involves complete online marketing purchasing advertising space on search result pages. Sponsored listings are SEM. Both are related though!

Answer 22: High quality, higly relevant, no bad networks or bad neighborhoods, link growth at rapid pace so that is may seems natural, no buying of links.

Answer 23: Social media apart from providing quality links and targeted traffic can most importantly help in VIRAL and WORD TO MOUTH marketign of your websites. Hence a strong marketing tool that can't be ignored.

Answer 24: I am strictly against anything that can be considered as SPAM be it a link campaign, use of CSS, hidden text or links, creating of doorway pages, META tags spamming or any similar act.

Answer 25: Tool bar page rank may be different from actual page rank of a page. the term is arrived from the SEO belief that google is constantly updating tool bar and one update is going somewhere at a data center of Google.

Answer 26: Nofollow can be used for internal links that you don't need to be indexed or followed for example: Link to shopping cart, login pages etc..

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