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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Answers to top SEO questions - Part 2

Welcome to part second of the Top SEO questions series. SO the batch of next five question of the series are :

6. What do you think of using XML site maps?
7. What are your thoughts on the direction of Web 2.0 technologies with regards to SEO?
8. What SEO tools do you regularly use?
9. Under what circumstances would you look to exclude pages from search engines using robots.txt vs meta robots tag?
10. What areas do you think are currently the most important in organically ranking a site?

You can check the list of full questions at Top SEO questions : most commonly asked search engine optimisation questions. Also the answer to previous questions is posted over here. Now beow are the answers to current five questions:

Answer 6: XML sitemaps are additional too to check how search engines crawl your website submitting XML sitemap to google webmaster central can really help you with indexing are optimizing the webpages efficiently.

Answer 7: Its on the boom today and very much imp for seo marketing.

Answer 8: You may answer tools you use like keyword research tools like Wordtracker, and other tools like ranking check, grammar checker, copied content checker like WebCEO, copyscape, backlinkswatch and many more.... You may check TOP SEO TOOLS

Answer 9: Meta tags can be used to exclude individual pages from search engines whereas ROBOTS.txt can be used to exclude a particular directory of your webpage or whole site from search engines.

Answer 10: Unique content and quality links. I'd prefer to say that if : CONTENT IS THE KING THEN LINKS ARE THE QUEEN.


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