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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Answers to top SEO questions - Part 1

Well weeks have become months for me. Most of my friends think SEOv is on exile but its not true real fact is that after now I am living with my parents and its hardly left me with any time to post at any of my blogs not even on weekends. Previously when I used to live alone the time I spend at my room was utilized online either in discussion forums or by posting at my blogs. Blogging was the passion that time, its not likely that I am get done with blogging its a matter of few regular post and blogging will be at its peak again.

Now I am posting first part of the Answers to top search engine optimisation questions: Well I am taking the first five posted at Top SEO questions : most commonly asked search engine optimisation questions

1. Give me a description of your general SEO experience.
2. Can you write HTML code by hand?
3. Could you briefly explain the Page Rank algorithm?
4. How you created any SEO tools either from scratch or pieced together from others?
5. What do you think of Page Rank?

Answer 1 : Its a very simple and tricky question to get an overview of you approach towards Search engine optimisation. Here you can answer briefly with your achievements, SEO implementation referring to few good sites you have worked upon and that are currently ranking well and of course have good PR.

Answer 2: Of course YES, you need to be good in HTML.Here no body will ask you the tag syntax but to make sure that you can work in HTML through an HTML editor like Dreamweaver.

Answer 3: Well ou can search for an exact definition over inter or visit Google Page rank. for me its a Google methods of evaluating the worth of an page and calculated on the basis of number of quality inbound links pointing to a website or web page.

Answer 4: Well I am not a good developer I can just only develop programs for Fibonacci series, calculate leaps year etc not some software tools. But good answer for this question would be mention if you or your team developed any tool like ranking check, PR check etc alternatively you can also mention few good tool that you may have used.

Answer 5: PR its very important for website owners mostly SEO clients but as a SEO expert I just consider PR as a measure of number of inbound links a site have.

Good bye for now check the Answers to top SEO questions - Part 2 later !!!


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