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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Top keywords: SEOv Blog : some analytic reports

Hello was just checking my google analytics for my SEOv blog. Thought to share some stats with you all. As I already stated in my SEO quotes

Stats are like BIKNIS they reveal a lot but hide the actual thing ;) .

Thus you need to be a real analytic expert to make most of your web stats a,d traffice reports.

Top 10 trafice resources:
1. / referral
2. google / organic
3. (direct) / (none)
4. / referral
5. / referral
6. / referral
7. / referral
8. / (not set)
9. / referral
10. / referral

And top 10 keywords:

1. search engin optimisation
2. info: search engine optimization blogspot
3. add link seo company
4. average salary for search engine optimisation (seo) skills in india
5. google searcñ
6. how effective is it to get pdfs indexed in search engines
8. pay to get ranked
9. search engine for quotes
10. search engine optimisation links to documents


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