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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Technorati blog confirutaiong :Activate the claim using Post Claim

Ever tried to post your blog at technorati. It can be done in 4 simple steps:

1 Enter blog url: At the bottom of technorati these a link claim your blog, mention your blog url in the post there.

2 Choose claim method: Two methods are available
(a) Activate the claim using Post Claim : Activate the claim using Post Claim
Posting Instructions

1. In another web browser window, log into your Blog Platform account
2. Create a new post in your blogging software
3. Select the "edit HTML" button to switch to HTML mode, if applicable
4. Copy the code below, then paste it into the body of your new post with any title
Technorati Profile
5. Publish the post on your blog
6. Check to make sure your new post is live, then you're ready to proceed.

(b) Configure your publishing tool :

3 Activate the claim : Chosse your blog type from the list here and then follow the instructions: #

og in to your WordPress weblog.

Select "Options" from the top menu.
WordPress options menu

Select "Writing" from the sub-menu.
WordPress writing option

The last option on the page is "Update Services." Add Technorati's ping server as a new line within the Update Services text box.

If Ping-o-Matic ( appears in the text box you are configured to ping Technorati as well as many other ping locations via a relay service. We recommend pinging Technorati directly with every new post and update.

4 Customize blog info : Add blogs description. tags etc.... YOu may add it to favorites and more...

Why I am posting this hahaha coz today em also customizing my blog info at technorati:

Technorati Profile

Add to Technorati Favorites


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