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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Organic Vs Paid listings

Hi… a time since my last post more than a moth I didn’t had any post at my Search Engine Optimisation Blog Was bit busy with my SEO work keeping check on changing rankings and Page Rank due to ongoing Google BIG DADY update. That’s the most difficult phase in a Search engine optimizer’s life as you keep on working on a website for a long time it appears in ranking you start getting traffic and revenue and once again search engines algorithm changes. Trouble for SEO expert again actually a search engine optimizer never remains casual if his site is in good ranks keep on working to maintain it and if its out of SERP’s work hard to get your site in ranks.

Due to changing rankings and algorithms of search engines some webmaster don’t rely on organic listing and go for paid listings in major search engines for there website, but there also is a cut throat competition you need to bid higher and higher to maintain your listings.

Don’t get confused between organic listings and paid listings. In my opinion both are good ways for getting traffic as for new site it may take time to appear in organic listings at that time if you don’t have the patience to wait for your site appear in SERP’s then its advisable to opt for paid listings in Yahoo or Google. And if your site is in the hands of an Ethical SEO company or expert then it’ll remain in SERP’s even if search keep changing the algorithms daily. Below are few characteristics of both types of listings consider them and go according to your business demands.

Organic Listings

1. Long Lasting Effect

2. Slow Results

3. Low Cost

4. Less Control Over Ranking

5. More Clicks Than PPC

6. No Management

7. No Monitoring

8. Assumption

9. Gigantic Exposure

10. More Text Space

11. Uncontrolled Title And Description

PPC Listings

1. Effect Depends On Budget

2. Quick Results

3. Expensive

4. Complete Control Over Ranking

5. Less Clicks Than Organic

6. Complete Management

7. Complete Campaign Monitoring

8. Authentic

9. Limited Exposure

10. Less Text Limitation

11. Controlled Title And Description


naveen said...

Really an eye opener.........

I loved the way you have traced the life of an SEO.............

Good one

I think SEO is a better option rather than going for money drain PPC compaigns. If look further, seo powers are website and make it a perfect winner for long run.

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