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Friday, January 27, 2006

24 SPAM techniques - Various SPAM and black hat SEO techniques.

SPAM is search engine optimization industry is used to describe unethical techniques and tactics used to gain higher rankings in SERPs and more traffic to yoou site.

Various Spamming Techniques are:
1. Cloaking

2. IP Delivery

3. Leader Pages

4. Site Networks

5. Link Farms

6. Blogs

7. Forum spam

8. Keyword Stuffing

9. Hidden Text (CSS spamming)

10.Useless Meta Tags

11. Execessive Directories submission

12. Hidden Tags

13. Organic Site Submissions

14. Email Spam

15. Redirect Spam

16. Misuse of Web 2.0 Formats

17. Hidden table cells stuffed with keywords within h1 tags

18. DHTML laying and Hidden text under layers

19. Domain Spam

20. Wikis

21. Publishing Empires

22. Links Inside No Script Tags

23. Tiny Text

24. Page Spoofing


Caleb said...

hey there!!! nice to see a blog dedicated to SEO!! its something iam learning!! but why you have 'blogs' on the list??

Anonymous said...

great 4 SPAMMERS
Baba Baroh

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