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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

SEO for Site with Frames

Search engine professional are divided into two, when it comes to optimisation of sites with frames. Some that framed sites, if done properly, have no problems in getting good rankings in the search engines while other simply say never use frames if you want your site ranked in search engines.

I’ll say both are wrong and real truth lies somewhere in between those two SEO professionals’ views. Every SEO in this world would recommend you to avoid using frames, unless you have a more solid and specific reason for using them in your site. Whatever may be the reason if you’d frame in your site and doesn’t want them to be removed, all is not lost yet. Good rankings can still be achieved with frames in the site and sometimes having frames is advantageous when it comes to Search Engine Rankings.

The key to getting good rankings lies in using the NOFRAMES tag. The NOFRAMES tag is intended to help framed web sites display some content for those people who are using browsers which don't understand frames. The search engines which don't understand frames also look at the NOFRAMES tag. Hence, if you are using frames, you need to add content to the NOFRAMES tag. Add a complete web page within the NOFRAMES tag and ensure that this page repeats the important keywords for your site a number of times. Also put the NOFRAMES tag right after the FRAMESET tag.

One problem that occurs when you use frames is that the search engines may often display one of the internal pages in your site in response to a query. If this internal page does not contain a link to the home page of your site, the user will be unable to navigate through your entire site. The solution, of course, is to add a link to the home page from that internal page. When the visitor clicks on that link, she is brought within the context of the frames.

However, simply adding a link to the home page presents yet another problem. If the visitor had already been viewing that page within the context of the frames and then clicks on the link to the home page, a new set of frames will be created in addition to the frames already being used. In order to solve this problem, you have to use the TARGET = "_top" command in the link.


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