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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

SEO : Long term vs Short term

Different Search Engine Optimisation Companies provides different types of SEO services some of them are short term like they'll optimise a given site for given set of keywords over a fixed ammount of time. After that client may sign up for a monthly or annual maintenace programme. Other SEO package may include long term SEO stretegy like optimisation of a websites for given keywords and also adding more pages+ keywords. A client may hire a company for any of SEO package for his/her website depending upon nature of business and SEO needs etc.......

NOw both short term and long term SEO serviceshan there own brnrfits n drawbacks. A webmaster can consider both the cases and ask the Search Engine Optimisation Company
fro which suits better.

Short term SEO :
1. Pages gets fully analyzed, optimized and rolled out within a few weeks or months.
2. No long-term contracts.
3. No large re-occurring fees.

1. Nothing gets rolled out until its all complete. If the contract calls for a large number of keywords or pages to be optimized you might be in for a long wait.
2. Some important keywords many not get optimized as the contract has limitations as to how many pages and keywords are to be optimized.
3. Newly popular phrases don't get optimized without making an additional optimization purchase.
4. Reporting and analysis is limited.
5. Link building is limited.

Long-Term SEO:
1. New keywords are always being found and optimized into your site.
2. Ongoing analysis, maintenance, reporting and consulting.
3. Ongoing link analysis and building
4. You know who is ultimately responsible.
5. No fees for just keeping the status quo or a few reports
6. Pages are rolled out as soon as they are ready, no waiting for "everything" to be completed.
7. Constant analysis for new trendy keywords that can bring in targeted traffic.
8. Ongoing link building efforts
9. Ongoing reporting and in depth performance analysis

1. Some important keywords may take a while to get optimized and rolled out.
2. Larger ongoing fees.
3. Long-term contracts often required.


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