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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Link Baiting & Search Engine Optimisation

A lot is heard and talked about link baiting in SEO industry. Basically link baiting is linked as a black hat SEO technique but actually link baiting is the term that you can collectively use to describe all procedures/practices you use to get link to your website so as to increast its link poularity. Hence link exchange caimpaigns (reciprocal or non reciprocal), dir submission, articles and press release submission all are link bait techniques.

Recent read an article "20 Linkbaiting Techniques" mentioning 20 techniques to get link yo your website. Visit for more detailed info on all baiting techniques, here in SEOv blog I am only mentioning 20 link baiting techniques :)

1. Tools: Create a tooll like one I used on my blog how much worth ur blog is, such a tool other pwople can use on there website providing a link to your site.
2. Quizzes: Same technique as above, instead og toll use quizzes.
3. Contests: Read the article :( :(
4. Be First: With idea others will follow u'll get the credit.
5. Scoops: related to being first is breaking a story in your niche. Break a big enough story and the amount of others that link to you giving you credit for being the source of their own news posts can be quite massive.
6. Exposé: Similiar to the above, u can make a buzz and get thousands of links to you by breaking any scam etc... Remember TEHALKA
7. Awards: ................
8. Lists: Juss do some social bookmarking for your website.
9. Humor: Humour spreads a lot, afunny clip, pic etc can click for you.
10. Make someone famous: Again vicit linkmentioned.
11. Create belonging/community: mmmmmmmm not a gud idea.
12. Design: Leave it
13. Rants: !@#$%^&*()(&%$#@
14. Controversy: May be risky for your business
15. Attack:
16. Shock
17. Research and Statistics
18. Give something away
19. Usefulness
20. Cool Factor

Meanwhile I wish I could know what differene Search Engine Optimisation Companies are doing to increase link poularity....... Idea I think its time to contact colleagues from previous SEO companies, make new friends in SEO industry.... Hope this will work..... B+ ;)


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