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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Google Phone getwhat u want before you search

Google filed a patent which includes predicting phone calls and actions based upon time and location. Its being predicted that this technology could even debut in the iPhone when it is released in June.

In the patent Google discusses how all the data is stored on Google’s servers and queries are sent whenever the user is searching for something or typing a message. Presumably the queries would be sent over some kind of mobile AJAX interface. This patent is truly groundbreaking in what the application could do. Imagine that you are planning a night out in London. At 6pm Google could predict you are looking for a restaurant and, given your history of looking for directions to Chinese restaurants every week, would select an array of suitable places for you to eat.

At 9pm you would turn your phone on again and Google would know you wanted bars near the restaurant. At 11pm Google again predicts you need a list of local taxi firms.

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