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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Google Pluto Update

hmmmm, now a days google is updating things faster and so I am posting faster in the SEOv blog. Now google blogs have some name associated with it as florida update, jagger update, Big daddy Update, and the recent Pluto Update. You know why its named pluto update, coz we lost pluto in the same time from planet list.

There nothing serious to note in this pluto update, as google only updated its backlinks index, but I think its a signal to a big change in the algo of Big G.

One more significant change I observed is in the information returned when you type your url like in the google search bar. No google cache link is displayed, no link to site or related links or actual links viewing url is displayed...
Pic below will give you more info:

Search Engine Optimisation and google pluto update


Manish Kumar Tiwari said...


How are you doing? Yes, me noticed also. What is the problem why the google don't show the details.

Why your adsence is not working? I tried to help you.


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